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gold investment

Investing in Gold: How to Go About It

Today, investing in gold continues to be an excellent safe haven solution. The value of gold has grown considerably despite the positive period for the markets, and in the event of a collapse of the stock markets, the demand for safe-haven assets would continue to rise. Today you can buy gold in many variations, even if you are looking for small investments. A perfect example is gold coins. Various online platforms can guide you in choosing the best gold coins to buy. You can also make money with gold without owning a single gram. Here is how to go about it.

Buying Physical Gold

Buying physical gold means buying real precious metal in the form of coins, jewelry, and ingots. The gold bar is the form par excellence in which to store gold for investment. Banks and private individuals keep blocks of various denominations in vaults or safes. According to the regulated professional gold market, the standard weighs 12.4 kg and is called “Good Delivery” ingot.

gold tradingThe bars are sold and purchased in specially regulated gold markets and will have undergone “assaying,” a rigorous verification process. The bars will be finished by an official finisher according to specific guidelines. A serial number will be affixed to them. They will have a percentage of purity higher than 99% and accompanied by an official certification that proves their weight.

Financial Gold

It is possible to trade CFDs without holding physical gold. In practice, through online trading platforms on CFDs, you can buy gold in securities or financial derivative instruments and earn from the price movements of the commodity.

How to do it? It’s simple; you register in one of the secure online trading platforms reviewed online. Once you have registered and deposited a minimum budget, search for “Gold” in the raw materials section, and decide the purchase quantity.

Gold ETFs

gold barsThe ability to invest in gold ETF funds will allow you to diversify your investment portfolio without necessarily having to own physical gold. All you have to do is choose from the 33 ETFs that invest in gold. Take your time to research and identify exchange-traded funds that have a good share of the market.

The main advantage of buying gold ETFs is the fact that you always have liquidity available, which is not possible with physical gold, for obvious reasons. How about you join the gold trade to enjoy the profits.…

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Top Financial Tips You Should Know

Making resolutions to improve your finances is a good thing you can do at the start of the year. A lot of people find it easier to do so at the start of the new year. No matter where you start, the basics are just the same. These are top tips that can get you ahead financially.

Get Paid What You are Worth

personal financeAlthough it sounds basic, a lot of people struggle with this rule. Ensure you understand your job and its worth in the marketplace. Also, you conduct an evaluation of your skills, job tasks, productivity, and your contribution to the company. The truth is that being underpaid even a few thousand dollars per year can have a considerable effect on your working life. No matter the amount of money you are paid, you can never go ahead if you always spend more than what you earn. Remember that it is easier to spend less as compared to earning more. When you make some cost-cutting efforts in various areas, and this can result in huge savings. You will be surprised that you do not have to make huge sacrifices.

Stick to a Budget

If you want to sort out your finances, then budgeting should be one of your favorite things to do. It is quite difficult to know where your money is going if you do not have a budget. For instance, it will not be possible to set saving goals and spending if you cannot tell where your money is going. Therefore, you should make a budget even if you are making thousands of dollars monthly.

Pay Off Credit Card Debt

broke personThe truth is that credit card debt can be a huge obstacle to getting ahead financially. The little pieces of plastic are easy to use, and you can even forget that you are using real money when you swap them at a purchase point. Despite your resolve to pay your balances quickly, the truth is that you often do not and end up paying a lot of things that you would have paid in cash.

Contribute to a Retirement Plan

If the employer has a 401k plan and you are not making contributions to it, you are walking away from the best deals. You should ask the employer whether they have a retirement plan and sign up immediately. It is a good idea to increase your contribution.…

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folded money

First American Equipment Finance

First American Equipment Finance (2)

First American Equipment Finance is a company in the finance industry that is fully owned by City National Bank.

This is one of the US largest banks that has over 30 billion in assets only.

It was named among the top one hundred commercial leasing finance companies.

Its headquarters is in Fairport, New York.

  • Mission and goals

The mission of this company is to make their business grow in a in a professional and a passionate way.

They have always strived to meet the needs of their clients and ensure they are fully satisfied.

They have done this by maintaining long term relationships with other existing banking institutions and customers.

  • Company size

The company has grown over the decades in wealth creation and number of employees.

They currently have over 175 employees who work in different departments.

The employees are dedicated professionals who take pride in bringing new ideas to the developing industry.

They still hire top students from different universities and offer them professional training and responsibilities. The company still has prospects and room for further growth.

  • History

This company was founded in 1994 as a subsidiary of city national bank.

Their idea was simply to finance the biggest businesses in the US that are credit worthy.

They have since built a legacy as an organized and performing institution that has given credit even to the most sophisticated borrowers.

This has made them to grow and become successful every year.

  • Services and client base

Their services have entailed financing businesses in various sectors such as healthcare, legal, insurance, media, food and beverage.

Many of their clients have acknowledged their services and termed them to beyond expectations. They have also strived to build a long lasting rapport with their clients.

This has made them to grow their client base over the years in all the 50 states.

  • Financial Stabilitycalculator on a paper

This company has enjoyed financial stability even in the most turbulent economic times.

Whether the economy is contracting or unstable First American’s have been consistent in their lending. This has been associated with well laid down strategies and transparency in their operation.

This is one of the factors that has helped build trust in their clients and created dependability.

First American Equipment Finance Company pioneered the use Rapid Turnaround Process a simplified paperwork package that is used for leasing, billing and asset management.

They have also taken part in many community development projects and won several awards including best for millennial and best in New York…

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